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The Mobotix Q24 M SEC 360° Hemispheric Panoramic View Megapixel IP Camera is an ultra-compact, weatherproof IP-Dome camera that is so inconspicuous that many do not recognize it to be a camera, while it does the work of four cameras in Hi Res Megapixal Image.

RSS-MX-Q24M-SEC-D11 360 Hemispheric Daytime Panoramic View 3.1 Megapixel IP Camera

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The high-resolution Allround Mobotix M24M camera series is the more powerful successor to the M22M and comes with a new 800Mhz microprocessor, 256 MB of RAM and a modified system platform. The result is more than twice the processing power, which enables smooth video frame rates, even in the high-resolution panorama display combined with the now available hemispheric L11 lens.

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